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1994    Images Fine Art, California,  USA

            Griffin Gallery,  Warwickshire


1995    Miranda Galleries, California


1996    Bryant Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa


1997    Images Fine Art, California

            Ambassador Gallery, New York


1998    Miranda Galleries, Colorado

            Hanson Gallery, California

            Ambassador Gallery, New York


1999    Winter Gallery, Moscow

            Ambassador Gallery, New York

            Hanson Gallery, California


2000    Winter Gallery Moscow

            Miranda Galleries, Laguna , Cal


2001    Winter Gallery, Moscow.

            Ambassador Gallery. Palm Beach

2002    Ambassador Gallery. Palm Beach.


2007    Gallery12. London.






Marine Midland Bank,  British Gas; Chemical


Bank;. IBM,  Hanson Trust,  Morgan Guarantee, 


Swire Group,  Sun Microsystems,  Nomura Japan, 


Elton John; Brazillian National Gallery,   Ml media, 


Amex,  Chubb Group,  Royal Bank of Scotland, 


Margaret Thatcher, Deutsche Bank,  Sanyo, 


Sumitomo,  Deloitte and Touche,  Jones Lang


Wooton,  Grub and Ellis,  Hyatt AIC,  J P Morgan







West Midlands Art Award


Hull Print Biennale Prize Winner


Century Print Award. Japan


Artist in Residence, Meirat Paper Mill. Madrid.



1976   Newcastle University

            Sunderland Arts Centre


1979   Ibis Gallery, Leamington Spa

            Dudley Art Gallery

            Timaeus Gallery, Birmingham

            Stafford Art Gallery


1980   Shefield Art Gallery

            Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


1981   Second National Exhibition of Modern Britrish Prints

            Royal Society of Painter Printmakers

            The 3rd Soeul International Print Biennale

            Korean Museum of Modern Art


1984   Ljubliana Print Biennale, Yugoslavia

            Loeffel Gallery, Basle, Switzerland


1985 L’Affiche Gallery, Toulouse, France

          Owens Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland


1986   Pfulb Gallery, Mainz, Germany


1987   Praxis Gallery Chile


1988   One man show, London Contemporary Art Gallery*


1989   Owens Gallery, Switzerland


1990   ARCO, Madrid, Spain


1991   Gini Graphics, Bologna, Italy


1992   TIAS Tokyo, Japan


1993   Art Multiples Dusseldorf, Germany


1994   21st Century Print Prize Exhibition, Japan

            Images Fine Art, California, USA*

            Griffin Gallery, Warwickshire


1995     Reece Gallery. New York


1996    Reece Gallery. New Yor


1995 - 2017   Various International Art Fairs and Group Exhibitions.


2006   Shortlisted Celeste Art Prize Exhibition: London


2010   Lyn-Painter Stainers Prize. London


2016    Bowes Museum

            Mercer Gallery, Harrogate


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